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Famous People in History

On this website you will find interesting information about famous people in history. There is information on who these people are, where they lived, and how they became famous. Some of these people sought fame others had it thrust upon them. Some of the people listed on these pages changed the world where as others had little or no impact. You will find facts about famous scientist, politicians, explorers, astronauts, and others. Included is information about people (men and women) of all different cultural backgrounds including African American, White, and Asian.

What makes a person famous? The definition of famous is simply "widely known". Based on this definition a person can achieve fame in many ways. Below we have listed some of the many ways people have become famous. Included is information about some of the people who have become famous in the ways listed. It should be noted that often becoming famous involves a combination of the persons own characteristics and the situation or environment they find themselves in. For example the unfortunate rise to power of Adolph Hitler probably would have never occurred if Germany had not been in such a horrible economic situation after the end of World War One.

Famous Due to Talent

There are many people in history who have become well-known due to their talent. Included here are great artist like Michelangelo and Monet, great athletes like Babe Ruth, great singers such as Frank Sinatra or the Beatles, actors like Dustin Hoffman, and comedians like Jim Carrey.

Famous due to Innovation

Included among these famous people are the great technology innovators like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Histories great inventors such as Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, George Washington Carver, and Johannes Gutenberg.

Fame Gained by Evil Acts

Some people gain fame by evil acts. Leaders such as Adolph Hitler, Caligula, Ivan the Terrible, Joseph Stalin rank high on that list and committed numerous evil acts. There are also people who gained fame by committing one evil act. For example Lee Harvey Oswald gained fame by killing American President John Kennedy.

Fame Gained from Good Acts

History is sometimes fare and people who commit good acts gain fame. Martin Luther King, Jr. for example led the civil rights movement in the United States and showed the world just how effective non-violent resistance can be. Mohandas Gandhi also gained fame due to his commitment to non-violence. Clara Barton was a great humanitarian.

Fame from Leadership

There are numerous people in history who have gained fame due to their leadership. Abraham Lincoln stands out as one of these people. His leadership during the American Civil War kept the United States from breaking apart. Napoleon Bonaparte, Admiral Horatio Nelson, and General Douglas MacArthur became famous due to their military leadership.

Famous Due to Wealth

There are many people who are famous mostly due to their wealth. For example Warren Buffett and Bill Gates are just as famous for their incredible wealth as they are for their business abilities.

Conclusion Famous People in History

The above information list just some of the ways people gain fame and just list a hand-full of famous people. The other pages on this site list other ways people have become famous and describes many other of histories famous people.